Did you attend Disney's Star Wars Weekend 2011?

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I have not been to one in a couple years but one thing I noticed is that the autograph fast pass line is located in different areas each year I attended. Where is it this year?

Besides location, has anything else changed with the autographs?

Usually the line starts when the park opens. If it is a day that they let resort guest's in an hour early, the line forms but does not begin to move until the regular tiem the park opens.

There is one line for each person doing autographs.

All persons who want to see the star needs to be in line. You cannot hold their tickets for them while they are in other places in the park.

Still the same?
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Eh, I was one of the snowtroopers doing the parade/events this past weekend. I didn't really even bother trying to stay in line to get the autograph fast pass. I did SWWs back in 2009, but nothing has seemed to change too much, other than I think the locations of the celeb's booths being scattered about.

Friday was just a madhouse
I was getting my Ree Yees on in the parade.


Unless it's changed again (last time I made the line was 2 years ago), you line up in front of the entrance to the park. They have banners with each celebrity's name, and you just line up accordingly. They let the lines in before the park opens, and each line goes to a different corresponding Fast Pass booth. They don't start giving out the passes to those in the line until the park opens, though. The demand/popularity for the celebrity you're there to see dictates how early you should be there to guarantee yourself a Fast Pass. Once they're all handed out, you may be able to get a standby pass, but that doesn't guarantee anything.
Thanks, however I was there two years ago too and that was the location... But the year prior to that, it was at Star Tours, and the year prior to that, it was on Main Street. That's the problem. I need to know for sure where it is this year.
Now ^that is awesome! I also love how the camera has three lenses(y)thumbsup

That's based on the Ree Yees that was in the original ride's pre-ride video. They made an action figure of him, too, with the camera. So of course I had to make that as well.

I waited in line for 25 1/2 hours for Anthony Daniels on Friday. It was awesome.

What does that mean? Twenty-five and a half hours, as in more than an entire day? Or Twenty-five half-hours, as in twelve and a half hours? (If it's the latter, why in the hell would you say it that way?)
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