did anyone see this!!!

So, that's just the files created by AndersEFP all stuck together in one file?
Think I'll stick with Anders original work, unless you can demonstrate some big leap forward in terms of accuracy to the real thing?

Interesting first post, just advertising your own stuff.
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Why are people upset about this? He credited the original artist and there are loads of remixes on Thingiverse because some original uploaders either don't split the model or don't upload a connected model or don't fully prepare it for printing or machining.
Well, first there's a forum rules he's broken.

With his remix, what's he actually changed? He packaged some files together??
My bad, I thought he was selling the files. So no forum rules broken.
Yeah, if he'd been reselling the files I would have absolutely agreed with you. I don't think you can sell files on Thingiverse, though.

I'm not sure how a CNC is going to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Maybe it still comes apart, yet he just uploaded it in their proper placement on the gun instead of centered on top of each other made ready for 3D printing. I honestly don't feel like downloading both to find out how they really differ.
Too Much Garlic
That won't work unless you have a 5 axis CNC, which I'm sure nobody but a high end commercial company does, considering they are in the 100s of thousands of dollars. If any members here have a CNC machine it is most likely a 3 axis one....and if anyone was going to spend the big bucks to machine this on a 5 axis machine, they will get the parts machined individually.

This part may be able to be printed in one piece but its going to have a lot of internal and external support to be removed.

BTW, it's one file, so it doesn't come apart. The other file is a F3D Autodesk Fusion File.

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Yeah. Went ahead and downloaded it. It is indeed a single file that cannot be split, so it is indeed strange to call it a cnc model, when it seems more suited for 3D printing. Hmm.
For one thing, the original artists are NOT credited. A lot of people put work into this even years before Worldcon and before Tomenesuke.
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