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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Bttfhatfanatic, Mar 24, 2015.

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    Hello everybody I have been reading this forum but do not post here frequently.
    I wanted to say that I think, based on what I've been reading, that we all crave a higher quality, more accurate BTTF 2 cap than the one Diamond Select has released. On Diamond Select's website it links to http://www.artasylum.com/ where you can make suggestions and ask questions about future products. On this website, on the top there is a button that says "Ask DST", which is where you should click to make a suggestion. I think that based on their consumer response, if we send in enough letters telling them that we would like them to produce a more accurate cap,( with lenticular fabric under the bill, and fitted for different sizes) they would be willing to work with us. I think if we approach them through their question box saying that we would like to have them produce more accurate caps at a higher price point, citing the Miraj caps that sell for 100's of dollars now, then they would make the hat we all truly desire. Thanks guys.
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    does anybody feel the same way? I'm hoping we can get a better hat one day, but in the mean time I've commissioned a custom hat maker in Pennsylvania to try and make me one, I am awaiting fabric shipment now i will post updates and pictures of this project!
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    Bttfhatfanatic I want a screen accurate hat in the worse way. I won't even waste my money on the Diamond Select hat or Halloween Costumes hat. Hopefully Nike, New Era, or someone here will release a run. Fingers crossed.
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    Sorry to not update sooner. After purchasing multiple lenticular samples from both sommers and lantor ltd I can firmly say Lantor's was nicer. However I sent the fabric over these few months to 3 custom sewers and none of them were able to work with me. I tried both overseas and in the US. I'm sorry to disappoint but I don't think my custom hat dream will come to fruition any time soon.
    I will post any updates I have as I am always working to complete this project!
    In the meantime I took a few samples of fabric I had and made a few bracelets/arm bands! Not exactly a replica prop but cool 2015 Future Technology for sure! I used adhesive stick on Velcro, seam binding and I just hand sewed it all together.
    Here's a few pictures of the bracelet I'm referring to:

    Sorry again for taking so long to follow up this post but our best bet now is to just hope one pops up somewhere online!

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    I'd be down with signing a petition. Until someone makes a sweet accurate replica I'll just stick with my shoddily hand altered diamond version... sigh.

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    Oh and these are awesome. I'd love to have a jacket or a backpack made of this stuff someday.

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