DF2 Bryar Pistol- 3d printed and Casted


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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share a make that I made using a 3d model I printed from Thingiverse (model by Xizor).

I made a few changes so that I wouldn't have a seam running down the barrel but I used the prints to make casts out of Aluminum.
Tapped threads and bolted everything so it can be stripped down later for me to mill it down to fit electronics or replace the stationary trigger for a working fire control group so that I can one day squeeze the trigger.
The ammo clip is magnetic but I need to make a short enclosure around it to help guide and hold it in place.
Stained red oak grips that are bolted down.
A friend pointed out that the handle style (Koda Vonnor's version) looked very similar to a A2 M16 handle.
Whole thing only weighs 5 lbs!

The RPF was a really helpful resource to see what others had done previously.
I still love Dark Forces II and had wanted this replica for awhile and decided to go with a really weathered/aged version. Mostly to hide the casting crimes.
I was really surprised to find that no one really knows what this pistol looked like and wondered if anyone got in touch with its creator Justin Chin or the actor Jason Court to verify which of us came close.
There's Koda's and Arkos version of DF2 which both have been remodeled by other fans and enhanced with other features. The DF1 style that I haven't seen anyone model or make. The battlefront version. One design was made as a mod for KOTOR.

Let me know what you all think!







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