Dexter wardrobe


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Hey guys trying to figure out dexters wardrobe. Such as his shoes not the kill shoes but his work shoes. Etc I was inspired by dark passengers kill tools thread how big that has gotten. I want this to be THE offical Dexter wardrobe thread.

Thanks guys.
i agree with this thread as i am older now i do not wear the same clothes as i used to, and i dig his style. He wears a lot of dark blue shirts, light khaki pants a lot. the shoes im not sure of, i know he wears a pair of light khaki vans slip ons in season 3 when he is sitting on the beach next to Miguel. but i have a pair of shoes that remind me of some of the others he has worn, i know they are not the same, but they remind me of them. ill post pics so others will know the type of shoe, i believe these are close, but i also have another pair but are too dark of brown.
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