Dexter Season 1 - Ice truck Killer (ice Block)

Just finished my first ice truck killer (fingers on ice display)

It measures 12" X 10" X 4" (wanted 8" thickness, but ran out of material)

I am planning on making more in the near future so I will get it more perfected and build a better mold box. Tons of pics can be seen at: under the portfolio section.
Do we need to order more material to make it 12"x10"x8"? Just let me know. I'm super excited (and very grateful) to have you working this for me. Thanks Selman!
YES!!! It has a home! I will be wrapping it in some butcher paper with some old brown nylon rope.
I agree! When we saw the showtime version, I had to laugh! The thickness is a concern considering the amount of material and expense involved. The resin was $170 and we could only develop it to about 3.5 " thickness, so we would have to double it to make it accurate. As is, its a heavy block, though I would love to see what the 7-8" version would look like.
Biney is still my favorite, so when you start making them on a regular business, let me know please. Would look great as the centerpiece on my dining room table. Great job!.
Looks great! I'm working on a Batista costume. Just need to find a place that sell quality fake beards (goatee). I can't grow facial hair :(
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