Dexter M-99 Case


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Has anyone ever found out the source of this case?

Was is custom made or factory made or does anyone have a make model or screen grabs?

Seems kind of like some type of insulin case or something.
It sort of had a search going in the Kill Tool thread, but there was no luck in finding what it was. IMO the piece of plastic holding the syringes looks custom. The elastic that holds the M-99 vials looks like it is part of whatever the case really was or was slightly modified. Again, that is just my opinion I could be wrong. Could also be a wine cork holder as Pinder pointed out in the Kill Tool thread.






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That looks pretty good, except the screenused hinges where those look like they just flap open.

I thought the plastic part that holds the syringes was determined to be velcro?
I think it looks kind of like a piece of cotton padding like you would use for a bandage
The first link i posted its very close other than the buckles and the front lapping over so im trying to source the company to see if they could do a custom run of these anyone think thered be any interest in these?
If you look at the 4th picture down that was posted you can see something that looks like glue holding the elastic for the vile and it looks like theres some kind of metal clip holding the syringe to me.
Yeah, it still looks like velcro on the inside of the case and a piece stuck to the syringe to me. My dad's a veterinarian, and I think he has some very old syringes in cases similar to this one, I'll check next time I'm at his clinic.
If you look at the 4th picture down that was posted you can see something that looks like glue holding the elastic for the vile and it looks like theres some kind of metal clip holding the syringe to me.

I was thinking that the clip looks like a dry erase marker holder clip thingamajig.

The elastic looks to be glued, I agree. I see white spots. Any idea where to get the elastic? Buying a sort of case might be our only option.
sorry to bring this one back from the dead, but I just wondered if anyone had any luck with a positive ID on the case?
I've searched for hours on end, but can't find one that is close enough to buy and modify.
Yes, I identified it several months ago, but I was hoping to at least find one for myself before letting the cat out of the bag potentially ruining any chance of me getting one. Unfortunately, after searching on almost a daily basis for months, nothing turned up.

So drumroll please.........

The M-99 case is actually a Sonia Kashuk brand cosmetic brush holder from Target that sold around 2007-2008 for $9.99!!

Do a google image search for "Sonia Kashuk Cosmetic Brush Holder" and you'll see a picture of it. Some of the images that show up may be from me posting in various makeup forums attempting to find one. :lol:lol I couldn't very well say that I was looking for a Dexter prop so I had to make up some BS about breaking my wife's favorite brush case or something.

Anyway, that's what it is. If anyone finds one, be sure to post pics of it.
Good luck!!



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Many thanks for sharing that.
However, if you've already been searching without success then I doubt of anyone else will have much luck.
Still, I'll keep my eyes and ears open and let you know if I come up with anything.
There is a Bobbi Brown one that pops up on ebay that is similar. It's the same shape and size, but the texture is not quite right and there's a bobbi brown stamp on the face of it. Still, it's workable.

But both DP and I have searched endlessly everywhere we could think and have turned up nothing.

I went so far as to contact Target to find out where they sent any overstock for discontinued items, I contacted the charities and resale warehouses that get Target's overstock, I even emailed Sonia Kashuk personally and yes she responded and was very helpful but it turned up nothing.

Your best bet at this point is to search ebay constantly or go to a makeup surplus warehouse and rummage through the bins.
I think I may have found something remarkably similar!!
I'm not allowed to post links to live auctions, so just search ebay for:

Pro 9Pcs Makeup Cosmetics Tool Brushes Set Round Cylinder Pouch Leather Case Bag

see what you think..........................
It has extra reinforcement strips around the egdes, but may be do-able
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