Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Is anyone else itching to play this game?

I'm a big fan of the classic cyberpunk / future noir aesthetic and it's nice to see it make a bit of a comeback here but reintroduced with modern industrial design ideas added in.

It's looks like Blade Runner meets Metal Gear Solid.

Trailer- ‪DeusExOfficial's Channel‬‏ - YouTube





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I like the look of it too, i wish they'd release the other games in the series for consoles as they're only on PC so you could get the full storyline of the game universe.
I haven't played the others but from what I've read the first is legendary and the sequel is a big dissapointment.

The first Deus Ex's graphics are old enough now that they'd really have to do a visual update to sell it to a modern console audience. I love the look of early polygon games but I'd say the mainstream public wouldn't go for it.

I just figured they could port them to ps3 store and xbox live and sell it for 800 points lol. I should just get them for the pc as they're cheap. Apparently the ps2 version is the original and the xbox is the sequel.
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The second one sucks. It's bad. Horrid. Evil. All that is wrong in the universe is contained within that game. Cthulu stirs in his sleeps when you play it.

That being said, I went ahead and cashed in some rewards to get a 25$ gift card to gamestop cause this game is gonna be awesome :)

I loved the first game. I'm going to wait for reviews of the new game. Too many PC franchises have been ruined by simplifying them and dumbing down the controls once they went to consoles. Hopefully this won't be one of them.
Anyone play this yet? I've heard nothing but great things including comments of this having "Game of the Year" potential.

I think I may have to pick this up tomorrow (weekend off...yay!!!)
I've been playing it some, it's pretty decent. LOVED the first game, thought the second was "meh".

Hope this one wows me, it hasn't really yet, but I've only played a few hours so far.
That's what I'm waiting to see, Dann.. I've never played them, but I've heard many great things about the first one, and many not-so-great things about the second, so I'm very curious to see where this one falls before I pick it up.
Darn I was hoping to hear more than "decent" especially since one of my friends won't shut up about it....and he's typically very hard to please when it comes to video games
DX:HR is getting top reviews all over, I can't wait to play it. My Augmented Edition is still in the post, and won't be here for another few days, grrr!!!!

The soundtrack is utterly sublime, and they've announced plans for an album release!
i'm going to wait for it to go down in price a bit, plus i still have to play the other two in the series. I know this is a prequel but it looks so much more interesting world wise than the first two. Cybernetics is more interesting than the nanomachine stuff in the others, at least to me as i love cybernetics in games/movies. Plus it's a very Ghost in the shell style world that also has a very close feel to the old Gibson novels. This is how the world of Neuromancer would probably look if it was made now.
I just ordered the special edition off amazon. for 10.00 more i figured it was a deal.
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Sorry I slacked on posting back. I really am enjoying this game. Never played a game in this series before in my life so I know nothing of the story.

The augmentations are really cool and I like how you get to make choices that effect the game.
It's still not blowing me away the way the first did, but that's likely an unfair expectation.

It is getter better, though. I remember really focusing on stealth while playing the first game, and I guess it's just not my style anymore to avoid enemies and use non-lethal means of dispatch.

Definitely having more fun not worrying about whether I'm angering the characters and screwing up the story by actually killing opponents. I am using lethal force as a last resort, but when a group of baddies is alerted due to my slip-up, you can bet I'm not gonna re-load and try and sneak by.
Yeah I heard there is a trophy/achievement if you use stealth in every situation except for bosses. I think I'd go nuts. Apparently my calling was never to be a ninja....even in video game form
I just purchased this as well. I'm looking forward to how well done it is or isn't.

My only concern is Dead Island comes out in about a week and I've been waiting for that game for some time. My love for horror games trumps my love of sci-fi games. >.<
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