Deus Ex:HR - Picus Daily Standard


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Well, I love the new deus ex game and the gadgets in it, especially Picus Daily Standard "newspaper", so I decided to make a replica newspaper.
The problem is the resolution of the existing screenshots is to low, so I made a hi-res picture in photoshop. Now I have a new "problem". Some words i can't recognize :angry

HERE you have the file if you wish to make a PDS prop, or you can add the missing bits and upload it here :) HERE you have the original screenshot

So, my plan is to print it on a backlit foil and put it between LED stripes glued on a forex board, and plexiglass...


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The easiest way to figure out the words you're missing is writing the devs an email. I wrote an E-Mail to DICE, requesting Faith's Tattoo from Mirror's Edge because for one, I freakishly love the design and two, I want(ed) to get it tattoo'd on me.

2 weeks later, I got a reply with kind regards from one of the art guys there and attached in the E-Mail was the high-res tattoo in PNG format.

Just write them, explain to them what you're building and keep it short, stay humble and you shouldn't have a problem getting a high-res screenshot from them.


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@Zeis: Thank's for the advice, mail send :)

@NAZGÛL: one of the best in-game world designs, they folowed a clear line and they executed it perfectly, thanks :)