Detolf go BOOM!


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We've had some pretty rough weather over the last couple of days, lots of thunder, lightening and rain. I thought that I had better check the retreat where I keep the props to make sure no water got in and discovered this...



I've owned it for a few years and it's been sitting in that spot for over two years, so this was a bit of a surprise and not what I expected to see, that's for sure. It can be a couple of months between going in there, so it could've happened at any time. Has anyone seen this happen before?


Yeah, dodgy swedish workmanship.:lol
i live in Melbourne to Kraig and was feeling the same, hope none of your props were damaged.

Sweeeeeeet colloction by the way.
Hey fellow Melbournian!!!

Yeah, it was pretty rough weather wasn't it...

Thanks for the compliment on the stuff, luckily none of it was damaged in the storm. Some water did get in (drain couldn't cope) but it was minimal.


First time I've heard of that happening.
Something must have been overstressed,
maybe some part was not built to proper spec.
Wow that's unexpected. Never seen it before. Question though,how do you have such a cool retreat but only go in there every couple of months?With such cool displays I'd want to be in there all the time.

Mine Deltof frequently makes a freaky 'THUNK' sound in the evenings. It scares the crap out of me each time.

Now I'm worried because my hamster has his cage next to it... I may have to move him :(
Vader did, have 10 Detolf cabinets for over 5 years, no problem. mate, so lucky nothing got damaged. Cool props!
Now that is weird.

Temperature fluctuations ?

I do however see what seems to be a 'centre of impact' there.

That's all I can think of...I had a car window shatter do to, apparently, mere temp fluctuation.

If something had hit it in one place, I don't think you'd get that pattern of small chunks of glass throughout, but rather toward the edges, away from the impact, the shards would grow larger/less fragmented. Unless the Detolf is safety glass?!
Looks like the break started around the middle of the cabinet by the at driver helmet.
Maybe it needs the door panel installed as a extra support.
Just speculating.
Mine Deltof frequently makes a freaky 'THUNK' sound in the evenings. It scares the crap out of me each time.

Now I'm worried because my hamster has his cage next to it... I may have to move him :(

Every Detolf I own does this for a while especially after first assembling. Over time they tend to settle in though and I rarely hear it now.
Are you sure the wife wasn't getting back at you for something lol....looks like a hit to me too. That's a bummer whatever did it...good thing they're only $60 :).

Now that's a man cave....Love the Vader!
Are you sure the kids haven't got in there or something? It looks like something has hit it to me.

I hate to say it but my guess is this ^^^.
Even if you don't have kids, is there ANY possibility that someone could have gotton down there, accidently broke it and knowing that this is a very high dollar collection, sneaked out of there out of fear that this case may cost thousands of dollars.
If you have kids, well, kids will be kids. I don't know ANY kid that would have broken that and immidiately run upstairs to tell you what they did...I don't care how good your child is, that's just a natural reaction for them. "Oh, crap! I'm going to get in SO much trouble!!! Run away and play innocent, they never suspect me!"
Since you'll be taking it apart...
Maybe try to see if the grooves in the wood were cut the same depth on both sides or some kind of problem.
We know the Detolfs were not being produced for a while. Perhaps there was some flaw was why.
Might be worth seeing if Ikea will do you a solid with a replacement or something.
My detolfs expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. When I turn up the heat in the mornings....they clunk and pop.
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