Limited Run Detention Block Camera Parts


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7/16/2019 This is from a run in 2016. While that run is complete, there is more current information deeper in the thread. Philip

We have all the parts now for either turning your Paterson Slide Viewers into Detention Block Cameras, or even using our slide viewer replicas to assemble a complete camera.

Here's a completed one made from all the parts, including the replicas of the viewers. If you have your own viewers, they need to be the solid color ones, which are more difficult to get. There's no difference in the viewers themselves, other than the color. The area surrounding the lens is either white or light blue on the viewers and you can see both used in the screen captures. We chose to go with the white ones since it was easily replicated with sign white acrylic.


Based on screen captures there were multiple configurations used, so what you end up deciding to use for the light and red sticker locations is really up to you.






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Man these things are cool. When completed, it's so recognizable and really need to be in my home office... badly.


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Funny, I just sent Phillip a message on this a few days ago! Phillip please do another run of these, they’re fantastic!


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Hi all,

An update. I'll use this thread for news on this. I'll also go and update the actual offer in the initial posts.

The lenses are the critical part on the kits as I don't have very many of them. They are extraordinary difficult to get perfect. Since they don't actually light up, I believe even a slightly off-tint lens would be fine. I'm going to get all of them out soon and see what I have to work with and post it here.

The bluerealm guy that ran these for us is interested in running them for me again, though he has been very busy. I'm expecting to sort something out on that soon-ish.

All the metal greeblies I run here so that's easy enough. The mounting plate has to be sent out, but that's also easy.

I don't plan to run slide viewers. I actually have quite a few of them, and may consider offering them for sale as well. At least we did match the color, which was pretty darn difficult at the time, so they can be painted.

I'd probably run some more color samples so you can have it matched locally.

Feel free to write me about this at