Details of a real Jedi Robe?

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    Hi guys. I am an American fashion photographer working in North Africa/Europe and living in Tunisia.
    For fun, I visited Tataouine (yes, that is how you spell the city in Tunisia), and bought my son one of the brown wool-like robes they wear in the area...which got me thinking...

    Why not have them make me a Jedi robe?

    They already make hundreds a month around there (it IS the traditional robe here ...and arguably where the idea for SW Jedi robes comes from), and they already have the brown fabric production, etc. I thought it would be cool to actually have one made from here...and the original ones aren't super expensive, so I can't believe a SW's one would be much more.

    So...I want it to be super authentic. In ANH, it looks like Obi's robe has simple un-finished edges... Does anyone here actually have access to to original costume? I just need to know stitching details, etc. I don't need patterns, they make these things here already. I really just need close-ups of the actual details...any help would be appreciated very much.

    I've read every thread on Jedi robes, but I don't see the edge/stitching detail I need to really make it accurate.

    BTW, on a related note, the Arabic word for "grandfather" is Jud'di which they say is where Jedi comes from. No idea if that's true or not.

    Here is a link to the photos I took that day if you'd like to see them.
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    The original robe worn by Alec Guiness in the first movie was probably rented. A robe touted as having been worn by "Old Ben" was found some years ago. It had been used in several productions and it even had eye-holes cut out from the hood in KKK-like fashion ...
    I do find it very likely that extras in the movie wore some local garments though.

    George Lucas borrowed extensively from many older works of science fiction to create a body of ideas, story elements and characters that were jumbled in various ways until it was fleshed out as the story that we see in the movies. Several of his early drafts for the story that became Star Wars have been published, and while the overall story in them varies a great deal, the idea of the Jedi Knights as a religious/monastic order is one of the more consistent themes. The clothing of (one incarnation of what would eventually be) Obi-Wan was described as "The robes of the old religion".
    "Jeddak" is the word for "ruler" in the sci-fi classic "John Carter of Mars". I think George Lucas could have borrowed it from there. He have also borrowed names such as "Kessel" and "Corellia" from Asimov's "Foundation" books.
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    This is what I always heard:

    From "Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed". 2007-05-28 on The History Channel.

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    They must have added additional seams ... since the one used on set had no seams on the sleeves or where the robe opens in the front ... there's lots of frays and loose threads on the original when Alec Guinness wore it in ANH :


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    Thanks guys, I'm looking everything over now.
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    They had an Obi-Wan Kenobi robe on display at the Cinerama here in Seattle. (Paul Allen's theater) Next time I'm there I will try and snap some pictures. Not sure where the robe came from but I'm guessing with P.A.'s $$ it was properly identified.
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    Be safe. I hear it's kind of dangerous with ISIS / jihadists in the area.

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