Destiny Warlock WIP (Dusk Tread III, Light Beyond Nemesis,...)

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Greetings RPF!

Been browsing a bunch of the forum's fantastic Destiny Warlock cosplays and thought I'd post the progress on mine.

-Head: Light Beyond Nemesis (
-Body: Dusk Tread III (
-Hands: Viper Spine II (
-Legs: Viper Spine IV (
-Bond: Red Eternal (
-Ghost: Generalist Shell (
-Gun: The Chance (
-Magic Orb: Nova Bomb

A few of these are or will be pretty close to the originals, due to time constraints or coolness factor. Most parts are not yet completed.

Head: Light Beyond Nemesis

Last year I did a pretty decent Zer0 from Borderlands 2, but was unhappy with how the helmet turned out. So I ordered new visors to construct a new one and figured I might as well use the old one as a base for LBN. Waste not, want not. Since I did a pretty poor job of tinting the visor last year, I went ahead and got the proper plastic dye (iDye Poly for synthetic fabrics), and dyed the whole helmet (along with the other two Zer0 visors I got).
tumblr_nkb5o7xMt51sbtd8fo4_1280.jpg tumblr_nkb5o7xMt51sbtd8fo5_1280.jpg

After, I traced and scanned the basic shape of the old helmet and overlayed it onto LBN. With that scaled relatively close, I was able to trace and pattern out all the changes I would need to add to the helm.
tumblr_nkpbdtyKKt1sbtd8fo4_1280.jpg tumblr_nkpbdtyKKt1sbtd8fo5_1280.jpg tumblr_nkpbdtyKKt1sbtd8fo6_1280.jpg IMG_2070.JPG

Body: Dusk Tread III

Pretty much done at this point for sewing. Just missing belts, pouches and healthy dose of weathering/detailing.
tumblr_njw9c46NqC1sbtd8fo8_1280.jpg tumblr_nkpbdtyKKt1sbtd8fo3_1280.jpg

Hands: Viper Spine II

Pretty simple so far. Picked up some Thor gloves on sale and created some brown wraps around them.

Legs: Viper Spine IV

Picked up some Thor motocross boots off Kijiji for dirt cheap. They need to be painted and detailed.

Bond: Red Eternal

Not started.

Ghost: Generalist Shell

This one started a little tricky. The original 3D was too small, so I had to guess a scale somehow between the first and the official Destiny Legendary Edition prop. Thinking about making a sort of shoulder rig to have it "floating" about my shoulder, but I'm lacking time. For now it'll do just nicely. And yes, I know the yellow tips are supposed to be facing up with the current light orientation. It was glued in before I realized that detail. If I have time, I'll turn the symbol around.
IMG_2089.JPG IMG_2095.JPG

Gun: The Chance

Due to the breaking down of a certain 3D printer, I was unable have access to a printer that could do a proper scaled Thorn. So for now, I'm simply painting a Nerf Maverick to FWC colours, aiming for something ressembling The Chance. Pretty good so far. Tiny Thorn pictured.
tumblr_nkpbdtyKKt1sbtd8fo1_1280.jpg IMG_2096.JPG

Magic Orb: Nova Bomb

Found a pretty sweet lighted orb at the dollar store that changes from purple to several other colours I want nothing to do with. I'll be inserting a set of programmable LEDs into it to alternate and pulse to purple/blue/pink colours. Ideally, I'd like to have a switch that can go from Void to Solar, but timing says I only get Void for now. I need to rig a hand strap to it next and should be good to go!

So all in all it's coming along quite nicely. I'm in full con mode right now with my due date being a bit over a week to go before I debut this cosplay.

Updates to follow!

Angel Virus

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Great progress so far!
Thanks Igniitus! I love your Fatekiller. Going to look even more badass with the Dead Orbit logo.

Sweet, been looking to do Light Beyond Nemesis but don't know where to start.
Yeah, I'm tackling that one this weekend. I have the feathers sanded down to nice points and should be able to assemble it with a fair amount of ease. I planned ahead and numbered each one for which side, row and order they belong to, so that should help.
IMG_2099.JPG IMG_2106.JPG

Also, pouches update! Dusk has 4 pouches that are more magazine sized than these, but I wanted them to be useful for water etc. Brown sewn vinyl, stuffed with foam for shape.

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Helmet weekend was a success!
10609660_848894478482146_622011284862120101_n.jpg 10403481_848894518482142_4278372733297336657_n.jpg 10422980_848894628482131_4257684835445682719_n.jpg 11073199_848894671815460_4941226684103002042_n.jpg

There's a few bits left on the LBN (skull-ish details on the forehead), but I oughta have it primed and ready for details by tonight.

I'm off to TCC this weekend, so I'm living the proplife 24hours now or whatever it works out to inbetween sleep and my day job. Crunch time is now!

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Well that was one hell of a week and eventual weekend. First some pics of some pieces I was working on:

Light Beyond Nemeis:
This finished really well, though I feel the yellow should be looking more gold.
IMG_2184.JPG IMG_2191.JPG IMG_2221.JPG IMG_2234.JPG

So that night was fairly intense and I was still wondering to myself how exactly I got stuck with so much left to do before leaving for the con.

So I bailed on bringing the gun, because I had enough props with me. I bailed forming new bracers and a shoulder pad, so I recycled a set I made for my N7 armour years ago (2011 if you look back at my posts) and decided I'd probably never wear the suit again until I made a new one. They were all primed by early Friday morning (2am), so I would have to paint them later that night in the hotel.

Here's the Jade Rabbit I decided to tag onto the shoulder at the last minute that came out reasonably well. But yes, the Chinese characters are wrong. There's a line missing at the top left of the character that needs to be added, though they are accurate to the live action trailer. It appeared scratched out there.

And here's a shot of all my gear lined up.

And here's some low-res shots of me during the weekend, some with the rest of my group that was doing Borderlands (I was Zer0 the day before).
IMG_2304.JPG 11070231_10152723439893263_6584353310548673286_n.jpg 10463887_10155306796255654_2209884194445919858_n.jpg 11080911_10155306795900654_6290060944454198460_n.jpg IMG_2284.JPG

Got a sweet photoshoot done later that day, so I'll be posting a few of those once I get them.

I'm looking forward to upgrades in time for the next con (finish or making the parts I said I'd make but didn't get a chance too), so I'll definitely be updating as I go!

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So got this bad boy printed out the other day. Painted quickly for some quick colour, but she needs a solid repaint for details. Planning on drilling through most of the barrel to setup some glowing green LEDs, before I permanently glue it all together and filling the seams in.

Fun times!

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Con crunch time is coming up again and I really wanted to rock my Warlock with some upgrades. So here's a few things I've been working on and adding to my cosplay.

LED Thorn:
My last post had me holding a 3D printed Thorn I got online and well, needed to make it more awesome. A good friend of mine who's also a genius with this sort of thing, helped me slap together a 3 light system powered by a 9V.
IMG_3421.JPG IMG_3424.JPG IMG_3428.JPG IMG_3431.JPG IMG_3435.JPG

"Eye of History" - Rare Warlock Bond
Saw this bond and thought I could put to good use a purple EL wire I had lying around. Needs some paint and detail obv, but it's coming along nicely.
IMG_3441.JPG IMG_3446.JPG IMG_3445.JPG
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