Destiny: Warlock cosplay build


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So after completing my Dire of Ahamkara helmet for fun, I decided to go all the way and make a full Warlock cosplay from Destiny. Going with the old school Iron Banner gear with the Dead Orbit Revenant coloring. I'm just excited about trying to get into some new materials and techniques. I am half decent at sewing but I have never really made clothes outside of some lederhosen for a German beer festival. This will be my first experience out of some small experimenting tests. I might be adding some Pepakura pieces but haven't gotten to all the details yet in my head of the build. I figure I'll start from the bottom and work my way up as people don't notice your feet as much and hopefully my skill will get better as I get to the more showcasing details.

So I started with the boots. I started by paper templating over some black swat style boots I have had for years. and after my third attempt I had something I was happy with around the foot itself. The boot shell was hot glued around the toe and heal of the boots rubber sole. This gave me good adhesion but also is able to peel off cleanly because I still use these boots in the winter. The next problem solving moment was trying to get a good range of motion out of the boot without too much stress on the foam so nothing would tear. I decided to add a velcro strap to the bottom of the calf, and thread that down between the real boot and the foam shell that would wrap under the arch of the boot. This allows the calf to move independently of the boot so there is no joint stress. Then I just added some velcro to the tongue so this just tucks into the boot, and attaches to the the calf for easy entry and exit of the boot.
Warlock-2.jpg Warlock-3.jpg Warlock-4.jpg

I have the Boot cuffs done, just not in the picture, and I just gotta make the shin/knee caps to finish these before a little painting and weathering.
Pants will be next to test out my fabric templating and sewing skills.
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