Destiny Warlock Cosplay Build W.I.P. (And Help Please lol)

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Odin21100, Jun 22, 2015.

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    Hey All,

    So for a while now I've wanted to start a Destiny Warlock Cosplay and after looking at all the possible ways to constuct the helmet, I decided to go with the pepakura route.

    The downside of working full time is i only get a few hours at night and my days off to work on this project. After 2 weeks and some change and a lot of cutting and folding of 125 peices of card stock i arrived at this stage (reminder to self never do pepakura again lol).

    View attachment 492393

    Well next step was to assemble the parts and 13 hours straight and alot of cursing and swear at the card and glue for not behaving i finally got to this stage.

    QhMpsv.jpg KK2CZB.jpg fidr60.jpg 0vJk8e.jpg

    View attachment 492392 View attachment 492394 View attachment 492395 View attachment 492396

    Next step (which I'm currently doing as i type this) is to give it a got of PVA glue to strengthen the card and then I'll build up layers with PVA and newspaper.

    Also I was hoping that someone on the forum would be able to help with the sourcing of a Warlock Coat or how to go about making one.

    Anyway thanks for reading and looking, comments welcome.

    Many Thanks

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    If you look up SpaceInvader on I think she sells templates for a warlock coat. If i knew about it prior I probably wouldnt have gone to thru the struggle of making one from scratch lol.
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    Thanks for the info, will have a look into it and hope it saves me a little bit of time. Cheers CheesyKNB
  4. Angel Virus

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    I used this pattern I had from years ago and just altered and built on top of it for the Dusk Tread III.


    Which chest piece were you planning on doing?
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  5. Odin21100

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    Thanks Angel Virus, that could be a good route to take. Planning on the Unity Clade chest armour but knowing me I'll change plans lol
  6. Odin21100

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    So it's been a little while since I've updated this so here are some pictures of my progress with the helmet and how it's looking at the moment.
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    Looking good sir. If you're going with Paper Mâché then add a lot of layers, unlike fibreglass it takes multiple layers to achieve a good strength.

    You need to sand it next to smooth out the flat parts and tidy up the detailed parts. I'm guessing that's
    Mâché on the outside, it would have made more sense to do it on the inside to keep the details you made from the pepakura. It still works though, either sand out that Mâché, or cover it in filler and sand that out instead. Filler sands out really easily, layered paper does not so much, but at the same time you might not want too much weight added to the piece.

    If you use filler make sure your piece is solid. It can crack if the piece flexes too much, hoping that won't be a problem with a helmet though.
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    So it's been awhile since I've posted an update and with work and everything not had much time to work on it but I have covered in filler then sanded as well as split the helmet in two so it fits on my head.
    Still some work to do but it's getting there :).
  9. DaggerElk

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    That helmet is looking great! How strong is the pva and newspaper? I have an unfinished mando helmet lying around and I don't have the cash around to buy resin lol. And is the filler you used just body filler?

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