Destiny titan undersuit supplies, guardians!

Hello folks! Recently got back into destiny, and decided to rework my undersuit plans that i had. You'll notice its based off Vadnais' which was very basic, but mildly accurate, for an estimation. I know mine isn't perfect either, but i then did some looking into it and came up with this
After that, i played the taken king recently, and ive quickly reworked it to try and get it more updated and more accurate too. Still innacuracies but they stem from my struggles with the way the original undersuit was angled.
Here you go, guardians:
The drawing quality is cruddy but i'm sure you can see the basic details. Maybe one day i'll try and make it. I hope i do to be honest.

My recommendation is to use thin neoprene to make a thicker but breathable mounting solution that will allow you to effectively sling your armour off it to create stable mounting points, with as little movement as possible. Please make your own judgements as to where to put more flexible materials, and be aware that there is a leathery texture to the ingame undersuits. Thanks for your time, hope this helps!

(Look out for me ingame on PS4, guardians, im EVN_gelion01)

Kou Uraki.... LAUNCHING!


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Necro post:
The image popped up and I was tickled by how it reminded me of the undersuit template I made for Halo2 a LONG time ago!

(when I went by Tsuyosa online)

Did anything come of this project?


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