Destiny Titan Costume Build


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Boy howdy it's been a while since I've posted a build on here. Well, I just started a new costume build for myself and I figured I'd keep progress updated in this thread. I'm planning on working on this armor every Friday.

I've been playing a LOT of Destiny. I do love my titan, so that's what I'll be building! The majority of the build will be done with EVA foam, though the helmet will likely be a resin casting.

Today I picked which armor set pieces I want to make and started gathering references. There's a website that has a ton of STL files from Destiny that you can nab, so I gathered a whole bunch. Then I used this handy website to convert them all to OBJs and tossed them into Maya to play with. I also used Make Human to build a decent analog of my own body as a 3D mesh to "wear" the armor pieces on.

With all of the files gathered, I scaled everything up to my height and dumped a bunch of 3D meshes from Destiny so that I could "try them on".

I put all of the different types of each part (head, chest, arms, legs) into layers so I could try different combinations. Yes, I was playing virtual dress up with myself. It's super fun!

Once I picked out my favorites, I started editing the meshes a bit to prepare them for the build. Some of the pieces will be combined. For example I liked the from part of one chest piece and the rear of another, so I'm going to split the meshes and combine the two.

I won't exactly be using pepakura files to build out the armor, but I will most certainly use Pepakura designer to get a head start on the templates. So I removed the unnecessary mesh faces and got down to just the flat, single plane layers of mesh that I can translate to pep.

That's the lion's share of work that I got done today. I'll be spending some quality time selecting, deleting, and combining faces in Maya to start getting a base for my armor templates. If anyone's interested, I live streamed most of this process on YouTube here.

I'm super stoked to build out a new set of space armor! Anyone else building Destiny stuff?


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I plan on doing a Titan for my next big costuming project. However I don't do much computer stuff, so creating the files myself would not be a fun time. I figured if anything I would just eye-ball-it from my ref pics.Granted the game came out just a bit ago, but pep files for nearly any Destiny armor, no mater the class, is limited. If you do find any its most likely Hunter and a little bit of warlock helmets.
I hope to see more costumers gravitate to the Destiny style. Although it may not be a super great game, the art and culture of it is incredible and I would love to see a large costuming/prop community for Destiny.

Any way,
I hope you have fun with your build, it already looks like its gonna be sweet!


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Heard you mention this thread on your livestream, eagerly waiting more pictures, it looks fantastic! Also I want a cast of the helmet someday.


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Hey all! It's been a good long time since I've updated this build thread. In fact, I finished the build a couple of months ago, but didn't find the time to get it all down on paper. Luckily I did document the whole process in photos and videos over the entire 17 day process!YAY!

Photo by Valentin Offner

For starters, here are a handful of live video streams that I did to show off some of the various fabrication processes:
Getting References
Fabricating the Chest Armor
Fabricating the Leg Armor
Templating and Fabricating the Helmet

Here's a breakdown of the rest of the build.
I did some pepakura to template the forearm and shoulders. For the rest of the build, I free handed the templates because I am much faster that way.
DSC_9564.jpg DSC_9646.jpg DSC_9669.jpg DSC_9896.jpg

Thicker pieces of the armor were made from stacks of L200 foam that were laminated together.
DSC_9887.jpg DSC_9894.jpg DSC_9950.jpg

The torso pieces took the longest. For the most part, they were templates on a life cast of my torso and then assembled out of layers of L200 foam. Details were carved in with a hot knife.
DSC_9901.jpg DSC_9900.jpg DSC_9905.jpg DSC_9916.jpg

I ended up sealing the armor with two layers of Epsilon from Smooth-On. In hindsight, I should have used something like PlastiDip or latex rubber. I ended up having to do a LOT of filling, sanding, and clean up work on the Epsilon and it made the armor very rigid and prone to cracking.
DSC_0075.jpg DSC_0134.jpg

After a couple of frustrating days of clean up, I was able to paint it! I also sewed a butt cape, like ya do.
DSC_0163.jpg DSC_0145.jpg DSC_0181.jpg

Other notes:
I designed the under suit in Photoshop and had it printed on lycra fabric over at Then I had a friend sew it all together for me. It was a bit pricey, but well worth it!

The armor was held together with velcro, elastic, and nylon webbing straps. Some parts, like the thighs were a combo of elastic and snaps that were sewn onto the under suit.

The boots were motorcycle boots and the foot/shin covers were held on temporarily using elastic.

Total build time was about 150 hours.

I already want to re-build it... =)

















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Your build turned out great! Thanks for sharing your method, and the software/websites you used for planning. I have been tinkering around with them, and they are a major help for getting the models right.


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What did you use to fill the mistakes from the epsilon? I am just working on some armor and have some mistakes I need to fill. I have tried some putty but it's not working how I want. I am looking for something that can fill the wholes and be sanded down nicely. Thank you in advance.
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