Destiny Thorn Hand Cannon

Fullresin Props

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Hello everyone!

I found a stl file for the Thorn Hand Cannon from Destiny and i knew i had to make it! I printed it with my XYZ Davinci 1.0 ( a decent 3D printer).
Its full size, and once assemblied, it is a monstrosity of a gun!


and i have made a little progress on the long road that is sanding


I have the same file. Im waiting to print the Chamber sides again as my last run on my Printrbot had some warp issues. I have some XTC-3D print coating that im going to use once I apoxie sculpt the cracks

Fullresin Props

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I want to get the XTC-3D for thr cylinder, all those grooves would me madness to sand completely flat. I just sanded the whole gun and am using bondo spot putty for thr cracks. Let me know how well the XTC works!
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