Destiny Sniper Rifle build (air rifle too)


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Hello all, thought i would start a build thread on my newest time sucking project. I actually started this a few weeks ago but was really slack at taking many progress shots. I will post what i have taken and try to be less slack about progress shots in the future.
I made the decision after i had already actually started to try to make it a functioning air rifle as well, probably more so for the challenge rather than the need to actually own an air rifle. It definitely added some interest to the build though as i have never used an air rifle let alone built one. Its a relatively simple concept really, an air chamber, a 12v solenoid valve, a trigger switch and a barrel. I temporarily rigged everything up and ran it off my compressor at 100PSI to see if it would even work and while it isnt ridiculously powerful it does work quite well. With the test going well i continued with the build incorporating all of those components into areas of the rifle that fit best.
Anyway here is the few pics i have taken.
DSC_0337.JPG DSC_0338.JPG
This is the trigger setup, a simple momentary switch that holds the solenoid valve open only while trigger is pressed and shuts valve when trigger is released.

- - - Updated - - -

DSC_0339.JPG DSC_0343.JPG DSC_0344.JPG DSC_0346.JPG DSC_0347.JPG DSC_0348.JPG


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At over 1.5m long it is starting to get quite heavy.

DSC_0351.JPG DSC_0361.JPG DSC_0362.JPG DSC_0363.JPG

8 AA batteries will be mounted in the removable magazine, solenoid valve is mounted just above that with a 1/2" copper tube running off that for the barrel. The air chamber which holds approx double the volume of air that the barrel holds is mounted above the butt stock. The chamber is going to be filled via a tyre inflator valve.
DSC_0364.JPG DSC_0365.JPG
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