Destiny Prime Zealot Helmet Pepakura

Jordi Toriz

New Member
Hi i just wanted to share this model since i have learned a lot from this forum. I used the base of the videogame, retopologized and added some details. If you like it download it.

hqdefault.jpg primezealot.png

And heres the pdo View attachment


Very generous of you Jordi!Great job,this is a very nice file!Thanks for sharing,i'll put it in my collection of pepfiles to create!!!!! thank-you-540x358.jpg :thumbsup
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Jordi Toriz

New Member
Thanks, youre welcome. I recommend to rearrange the triangle in the nose im getting problems with that part because of its size, sorry if that part gives you problems its my first pepakura model. Heres a picture of the build

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