Destiny Jade Rabbit Exotic Scout Rifle (foam)

Cyan Junkie

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Hey all! A few months ago I built a full scale replica of the Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle from Destiny. I went with the paintjob from Destiny 1 because I just thought it looked better. I used the templates from the Foamsmith Vo.2 ebook published by Punished Props. I added a few small modifications to mine though, such as a removable sight and inner barrel. The in-game model does have not an inner barrel, but I thought it would make more sense if it did. Plus those holes in the outer barrel are not see-through, so something had to go in there anyways.

If you have any questions let me know!

jrp2.jpg jrp3.jpg jrp4.jpg jrp5.jpg jrp6.jpg jrp7.jpg jrp8.jpg jrp9.jpg jrp10.jpg jrp11.jpg jrp12.jpg jrp13.jpg jrp14.jpg

Sealed with about 3 layers of Plastidip


First layer of paint


Paint chip effect (I know what it looks like, be adults! It's toothpaste!)

jrp17.jpg jrp18.jpg

2nd layer of paint


Paint chip effect results (pre weathering)

jrp20.jpg jrp21.jpg jrp22.jpg jrp23.jpg jrp24.jpg jrp25.jpg jrp26.jpg jrp27.jpg

Lens for the sight


Fully weathered

jrp29.jpg jrp30.jpg jrp31.jpg jrp32.jpg


OP Jade Rabbit 2.jpg OP Jade Rabbit 3.jpg OP Jade Rabbit 12.jpg OP Jade Rabbit 5.jpg


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    OP jade Rabbit 7.jpg
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