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I'd wanted to do a Grail Diary type journal for a video game for a while, sort of to expand the character but until now few really gave much freedom. Destiny being a bit low on storyline and cut scenes makes it perfect for it. I found some references for the grail diary and have a copy of the Halo Reach Halsey one that's also good inspiration. I got a cheap 5.00 5x8 journal from Barnes & Noble at Christmas time and started roughing it up. I'm still not happy with the cover weathering but it's some surprisingly tough stuff. The pages i hit with coffee and let air dry in front of the furnace vent asince the weather has it running constantly. Some pages have stuck so i need to separate them and retreat wtih coffee but it's looking pretty good. I have since hit the book with my heat gun to get some more signs of damage from having laid around for a century but it gives off such nasty fumes i'm going to wait until the weather breaks so i can do it outside. Plus if the book goes up in flames i don't have to worry about the house going with it lol.
For interior documents i'm going to have maps, sketches, notes, varoius entries, maybe "photos" form in game and such. I did scan the post cards that came with the special edition to use as 1) i can't bring myself to mangle them 2) they're too big to really be post cards. I printed them on 4x6 photo paper and trimmed it, i was lucky and they printed slightly faded as I was at the end of the ink cart so that helped them look a bit aged. They're going to get more treatment from coffee and heat when i can get them outside.
I'm currently debating how to do the maps as normal bought maps are just too huge to carry in a journal so i was thinking more of going with printed out tourist guide like pamphlet maps. I've ordered some nicer paper for that, 24 lb, for that to give it a different look and have it be heavier than printer paper. Not sure how i'm going to do the sketches other than maybe do them outside the book and then insert them as I doubt i can draw well enough in the book. I really wanted to replicate a gunshot to the journal but that's above my skills and with my luck asking my dad to take it to the range and shoot it would end with an exploded book lol.

What's with all the Russian stuff? I took a quick glance over the Wikipedia page and didn't see anything about it.

They're post cards from the 3 main planets in the game so far: earth which is in russian as they're from the russian cosmodrome were the ghost revives you, venus, and mars. Not sure why they didn't do one for the moon, i mean it coulda had the Apollo lander on it and looked neat.
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