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Hi my sisters partner is working on a destiny Armour in particular he is looking for banners (i dont know the game that well) could someone point me in the right direction for sites, (yes we have googled,binged and yahooed ) i know there is a few desting builds on the site, any help would be much appreciated :)
That could mean several things. Here are some google image searches that may help you:

Class Symbols - Each class of character (Titan, Hunter, Warlock)

Faction Symbols - There are various factions in game that allow you to earn reputation with. Each of these factions ( Vanguard, Crucible, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, Future War Cult) have corresponding pieces of flare ( Warlock = Armband, Hunter = Cloak, Titan = Mark; Sash around waist) with their factions symbol.

Google didn't pull up many good images, but search the factions by name in images and you'll get results.

Hopefully that helps.


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ill ask him riotjavelinDX, he said he wanted to start a build but was looking for good reference pics and mentioned banners ? i have played it for a couple of hours that's it lol, cheers Obscurereferenc ill show the link to him. I will get better info on what exactly he wants
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just called him he was after 2d images if possible of HOUSE BANNERS, house of the wolves, house of the kings, house of the exile, house of the 6th front, house of the dusk born. he has 3d images nothing clear enough to get a print off to reproduce at a printers. what he did find was tiny and not clear he want to make the leg banner
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