destiny bad juju replica and more


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So after much excitement about a destiny cosplay I decided I would try to replicate some of the weapons used in the game. First up wad bad juju. It's an intense looking gun and just as good in the game. I wanted to give it a more of a heavy look so I decided to go with a slightly different. FB_IMG_1422412595812.jpg
The spine on the rear of the gun was made with worbla and hot glued in place and added leather to give it the look of the bad juju. Next I printed out the skull and primed and painted it 20150128_085557.jpg 20150129_030538.jpg
I wasn't satisfied with it unless the skull glowed green like in the game so I added a led with an on off switch 20150129_220827.jpg
I'm hoping I can figure out how to make a small smoke emitter to put in the skull to give it the full effect.
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