Destiny: Ascendant Sword of Crota


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Hello to anyone checking this out.
So this is my first prop creation, and my first post on The RPF after a long time of watching, learning, and being inspired from the sidelines by all the true talent on these forums. For my first project I wanted to work cheap, and create something with an organic shape so flaws could be hidden more creatively unlike a mechanical object. So I started with the Sword of Crota from the game Destiny. This build was finished up last month but I am finally posting this to share my work.

I started with a bunch of in game screenshots of the sword, and compiled them into high res images of the sword from each side. In Illustrator I then created a blueprint that could be scaled to the correct side and printed as a template.
Sword-1a.jpg Sword-01b.jpg Sword-01c.jpg

The templates were traced onto various sheets of half inch MDF and cut out with a jig saw. The layers were laminated together with wood glue to get the desired thickness throughout the swords proportions.
Sword-02.jpg Sword-03.jpg Sword-04.jpg

I used various chisels to block out the the base forms, then went into the MDF with a Dremel and multiple sanding and engraving bits to form the details. Reference images were always on hand while working.
Sword-05.jpg Sword-07.jpg Sword-08.jpg Sword-09.jpg

After I was satisfied with my work I prepped the sword for paint and layered a coat of filler primer, which caused the open sanded edges of the MDF to swell and cause a fuzzy texture. This was hand sanded down to 220 grit sand paper and smoothed across the entire sword.
Sword-10.JPG Sword-11.JPG Sword-12.JPG Sword-15.jpg

Rustoleum Hammered metal paint was used to take away some of the smoothness of the newly buffed sword, and give it a metallic stone shine. Weathering was added to the pits and holes in the sword, as well as around the handle, to show ages of dirt build up from being carried around by those dirty sword bearers. I used various washes and dry brushes with black, browns, and greens. Some high points were brought to a bright luster with some silver Rub-n-Buff to add more dimension.
Sword-16.jpg Sword-18.jpg Sword-19.jpg Sword-17.jpg

The sword measures at 4'2" long. It certainly is not a balanced sword. I can only imagine what it is made of in the Destiny universe to be swung around one handed by Guardians.

If you checked out this build, awesome, and thanks for looking. Any comments or critics are appreciated. I am currently working on a wall mount for the sword inspired by the architecture leading up to the fight with Crota. The mount will have green LED's to reflect off the sword and glow on the wall behind the sword.

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Great attention to detail! It looks awesome.

I can feel my light being consumed just looking at it.


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Thanks Fawbish. I am personally pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks made007. You'll definitely have to post it up if you decide to do one, and good luck if you do. Also you can check Home Depot for MDF in the wood section.

thats the thing, home depot doesnt have it here, so i gotta check independent stores
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