Destiny 2 Better Devils (Also Help?


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Hail and Well Met, my dudes. Been a bit, but I recently started a project for fun, and an excuse to boot up the 3D printer again. I've been working on finishing the print of Better Devils, the Destiny 2 Kinetic Hand Cannon. Because I know my machine well, I actually scrubbed some details off and replaced them with screw heads. It's a solid printer, but it was only a couple hundred dollars so... you get what you pay for in terms of layer quality.
Copy of IMG_20181114_203544_524.jpg IMG_20181209_151149_599.jpg
(Honestly if your prop doesn't look like a topographical map after sanding, did you even filler primer?) Actually, I'm going so far as to start my first molding and casting process to learn how to use silicon molds and resin. Alongside sharing my first experience with casting parts with you all, I also had a question about the proper method of casting the ammo chamber. Its supposed to fit one of these power cells here:
20181223_113804.jpg 20181223_114128.jpg
Its got such a large hollow area that I feel the process of cutting it out of a one part mold would be actual torture, and I cant come up with a good strategy (In my opinion) of creating a two part mold. Would it be wise to try a three part mold to make sure the master can be removed without damage? Or do I bite the bullet and just disassemble what I have to make a better piece to cast? I'd sever it right where the chamber meets the base of the pin. Let me know what you think!