Desert Storm Foam Bat- Con Pics up- Project done - For now


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Hey everyone!

I had so much fun with War Machine I have decided to start my next project.

I am sure many of you are familiar with this model.

View attachment 76823

Well I think it is beautiful and really lends itself to foam.

So I started by playing this image and creating my own templates for the foam.

View attachment 76824

I then took these and used a program called "posterazor" to print them to real size. I then started cutting foam. : )
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Re: Desert Storm Batman- foam build

Awesome build! I look forward to seeing the progress and completion.
Also, this may be helpful:
Re: Desert Storm Batman- foam build

@Zaxmon- it is from an artist..Faraz Mobin. It was a concept he entered in a 3d Modeling contest.

@Claire- EVA foam sheets. Harbor freight floor mats, 6mm and 2mm foamies.
Re: Desert Storm Batman- foam build

Looks good so far ... I'll be following this thread with great interest. This is one of my all time favorite Bat suits. I even like the red bat symbol ... are you going with a Batman Beyond theme?
Re: Desert Storm Batman- foam build

View attachment 76854

So, this is Graphic Jordan's future batman mask in 1/2 inch and 6mm foam.
(BTW Thanks Jordan!)

I am playing with a number of ideas for the cowl/helm. I know this isn't the same look as the model, since the model is just a concept anyway, I feel it is okay to tweak it. I will probably just buy a 30 dollar rubies TDR cowl anyway to see how it looks. I like the batman future helmet alot and I am also playing with different lenses in the eye holes or no lenses at all. I will post some different pics to get your guy's thoughts. I have made 3 of these now. I upsized Jordan's model 10%. mostly cause I have a giant noggin.
Re: Desert Storm Batman- foam build

The only templates this guy has are in his brain. I believe he is eyeballin' this build.
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