Desert Island Movies


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We've had some PRETTY obscure threads here lately, so I don't mind throwing this out there...

What are your favorite desert island films? Movies that are set in or center around a desert island locale?

And if you know where they were filmed, throw that out there.

For example:

The Blue Lagoon - filmed in Fiji, in the chain of smaller islands northwest of the main island

Six Days, Seven Nights - Filmed on Kauai, if I'm not mistaked

The Last Flight Of Noah's Ark - Filmed on Kauai

The Swiss Family Robinson - Not positive where but in the norther Carribean I believe

Cast Away - Filmed on Cast Away Island, Fiji, off the south west of the main island
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Rescue from Gilligans island.

Err....not really.

How about two cut from the same cloth:

None but the Brave, and Hell in the Pacific. War movies with stranded soldiers from opposing sides initially get it.
At least with Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune you had two real WWII veterans from opposing sides acting together.

Also later known as Enemy Mine. And a few random tv episodes.
Island of Dr Moreau

and Island of Terror (England 1966) - not a deserted island, but remote
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cast away is my all time favorite. just the fact that they took 1 year off from filming so hanks could lose weight was incredible (and the crew went and shot a whole other movie in the mean time). zemekis is da man.
Not so much a desert island, but Couples Retreat is worth a look if you want to see Bora Bora.

Film is OK (not great), but one of VERY few films shot on Bora Bora.
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