Denuo Novo (previously Anovos ) Emperor's Royal Guard fiberglass helmet.


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Gone but not forgotten.
Hey all...
It's been a hot minute, and busy as usual, but scored this beaut last week.
Kudos to Denuo Novo for getting this shipped out and delivered to me only 6 days after ordering.
I'm hoping they're stepping up now where Anovos was failing.
This thing is awesome.
Heavy, solid, interior and exterior finished superbly.
Pretty accurate as I can tell, as they say it's scanned from a screen used helmet.
I only wish they included a stand ( had to make my own here ) or a plaque or something, but alas...otherwise, it's amazing!

20211023_220232.jpg 20211023_220319.jpg 20211023_220348.jpg 20211023_220416.jpg 20211023_220443.jpg 20211023_220508.jpg 20211023_220536.jpg 20211023_220607.jpg 20211023_221147.jpg 20211023_221226.jpg


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Anovos had an article about their Royal Guard helmet. They scanned an original helmet. The original helmet was made out of two molded abs halves like many of the ROTJ helmets. They felt this was too flimsy so decided to make theirs with fiberglass instead.

Anovos didn't include stands or plaques with their helmets because they had a costume license, not a prop replica license.


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I just recently received this helmet. I was satisfied with the shipping time and most of the paint job until I took a closer look around the visor opening. The paint/gelcoat is chipped. Reached out to see what my options are for replacing it and…crickets. Starting to get flashbacks of Anovos.


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