Denuo Novo (ANOVOS / Rubies) Krennic cape -- DO NOT BUY: INCORRECT color & stitching!


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After waiting a long 5 years after purchasing this blasted thing -- wrongly assuming they actually had access to screen-used ensembles -- I finally received the Krennic cape today. The color is more of a tan tea-bag than the white or even the off-white we see Krennic wear in the film. Also, the stitching work on the collar is incorrect; same for the collar itself, which is far too short.

The only good thing I can say about this cape is that they did get the shoulders right where so many fail (i.e., the cape drapes slightly over chest in the front, as it should). But beyond that, this is certainly not worth $200. I was a fool to think this cape would be any good for all these years, always restraining from having a custom made in the interim, but I am glad I didn't purchase the tunic or I would have two wrong-colored pieces to take up room in my closet... If anyone has the tunic, I would love to hear about it or see it!

And the fabric is cotton POLYESTER -- not the pressed-cotton twill the listing boasts or what was actually screen-used; the fabric is far too thick on this cape as well. And notably, this item shipped from Rubies, as the FedEx sticker said (a pity...).

I can post pictures if anyone is interested. For the layperson cosplayer, this cape is okay -- but for us Krennician purist out there, look elsewhere. If anyone can recommend a suitable cape on the market, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

We stand here amidst Anovos' failure!


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Here's my cape and tunic together. Both are Denuo Novo and work well together. I love how heavy the cape is and how it drapes over the tunic.
I clearly need to steam it to remove the wrinkles but I personally think it looks great. The colors feel right to me. If it was any lighter... I think it would photograph horribly. The collar can indeed be a little taller but if it's any consolation; it was approved out of the box by our GML.


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Great photos -- thanks for sharing, dude! Your cape certainly looks brighter than mine (I have like a light gray; wonder of there was a production issue; when was your produced? Mine was in Feb. 2022.) But I still disagree about the collar -- look how much taller it is the actual cape (count the lines, too.) Also, is the collar on the tunic stiff or flimsy (?) -- the same question for the rest of the tunic, especially the shoulders (are they structured?). Thank you again for the photos (if I get my cape back out of storage, I might be able to show you how light-gray my cape is, alas...)
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