Denuo Novo 1989 Batman cowl


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I personally like Denuo Novos products so far. This one came out of left field but so far it looks pretty damn good and accurate.
I hope to get my hands on one.
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That’s pretty awesome…

Am I getting my vendors confused, but I thought DN said they weren’t going to do preorders for items…?

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Cool, this is however a fancy silicone holloween mask right?

Average cost of great silicone mask is around 500+ (includes hair/resin parts when needed) so price is a bit too high.
I don't know, it's platinum silicone. The reasonably priced cowls I've seen are all urethane, platinum silicone is a lot more expensive. And with all the material shortages and inflation I don't think that's as crazy as it first sounds. What's the price of a pail of Dragon Skin at smooth on now?
Price is certainly high but the fact that it's silicone appeals to me more. I owned the HCG version and disliked that it was polystone.

Very tempted to get this along with the '89 Batarang coming from iKon.
With the ears were they matching a defect on the screen used cowl they had access to? I mean the surviving cowls wouldn't be perfect. I think for that money the not symmetrical ears are horrible looking, but were they intentional? I can't believe they missed that in their publicity photos. There are other things that seem bad, but maybe they were defects in the real cowls I never noticed from the actual movie. It's interesting to discuss... but not buy!
This is the cowl they copied and "digitally sculpted" over. Look at the nose, ears, and the jawline. It's the same. It's the cowl Tom Spina restored.
Is it possible any of the original production molds survived? That would get me excited vs sculpted based on photos. For $1k I feel like this needed to have some very exacting lineage.
Huge price for a silicone mask, especially one that isn't haired and has no detailed paint apps, but It looks fantastic and the "batbase" if done right should make for a hell of a display.

If I had to guess, these would probably be made by Immortal Masks, on behalf of DN, so quality would be pretty high if that was the case. I'm keen to see how a production copy looks.
This cowl is looking rough. Not sure why they displayed it looking like this.


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