Dense Foam - L200, anti-fatigue mats, for bumpers


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Hi folks

I'm building a life sized Portal companion cube.

I want to make the corners be very firm rubber, so when it drives (yes, it's motorized, so it'll be controllable with the Portal Gun in gravity mode), if I run into things or people it won't hurt quite so much.

I've been looking for a foam at the density of EVA foam or those fatigue mats at Harbor Freight. Going to "JoAnn's" and looking at their 2lb foam, it seems really too flexible, but I've read that L200 is 2pound / cu foot foam.

I'm also thinking of casting the foam (as I need 8 of them obviously), but don't want a thin 'foam rubber' type flexible foam, but something pretty dense. Reading about casting materials online like at, it seems expensive, but I don't know what density corresponds to an anti-fatigue mat. The higher density foams they have are VERY expensive.

Is L200 enough or should I be looking at L400 or L600? I can have a friend pick up some stuff at FoamMart, but I can't get there even though it's a one our drive during the week (no vacation time at work yet).

I'm trying to get this built by next week end for Yuri's night :)

== John ==
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