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Hello all ok so here is my next project im sculpting a demon which ive named abigor i am sculpting it first to then cast and then latex masks from and also looking at doing silicone mask as well ...see how they go in latex first lol i will keep the post upto date as often as possible with pics etc.

But so far here goes.....

Started by getting the head and lines in place, as you can see working on the nose to get it in line...


from there i then built on the nose making it bigger and flowing under the eyes
to make them look more sunken, then drawing in the eye brows for that menacing
look, then starting on the mouth area.


Here you can see the mouth and cheek lines are going on, along with razing under
the eyes and along the brow ready to take the horns


ok after a good few more hours i have got the head bone in place all the raised
areas around the head, eyes, cheeks for the horns to go on,
and made a start on the ears.


demon9%255B1%255D.jpg we go the final smooth out all horns added all checks checked etc just putting the main border around the head ready to cast here at the pic of final sculpt



Helloooooo ok here is the do or die bit lol

well here goes hopefully this will come out right and no air bubbles or missed bits lol here is the front part of the casting process


here is the clay wall starting to go on around the sculpt half way from front to back to make a 2 part mould





I have added a lip on the top so i can make the plaster more like water to try and get better detail from the surface.....the lip is to just contain it from spilling



Well here is the side view of the wall and bellow is where its finished with lip ready to go....finger crossed lol


OK here we go first layer of plaster on covered nicely i noticed the nose had air bubble and promptly popped lol few!!


Here is the second layer making sure i pushed it into the gaps dont have much time with this plaster as it starts to set after about 5 mins so kind of pasting it on with my hands now....


here is the 3rd layer now less panicy no lol as this layer is just for strength


the fourth layer again for more strenght


And a final thin top layer this is just to smooth it out for ease of handling


ok now time to do it all again on the back of the mask goes...




well there we go once i left it over night to fully cure i cracked the mould and and picked out all the clay from the detail.......check the casting it looks good apart from a few little air bubbles which can be filled in easly....



Here is the mould ready for the first pull for the latex mask this will pretty much be a cleaner run to pull out greas remaining clay in detail etc


ok well here is the day i have casted the mask by the slush method and letting it cure over night and will pull the first mask out the mould in the morning fingers crossed it will be ok ........

ok here it is the first cast of the abigor demon mask ready for painting .....


well here it is a finished ...well an attempt at a finished item im not happy with the paint job as this is the first time ive used an airbrush so need practice so i think i will run a few masks of to practice on before a final mask lol but here is a pick of first attempt

Hi, I am new to this type of thing but, it looks really cool. I would like to give something like this a try but, did you use clay to form the whole head. If so, what kind of clay?
hi there thank you and thanks for the post yeah i used an armature covered in clay saves using a lot of clay to form the head i used new plast its a Plasticine clay is oil based so never goes hard and is reusable .....there are other clays like wed clay, new clay, chavant clay and monstermakers do a caly as well ....hope that helps thanks
no problem if you need any help just ask ill help where i can also quick tip if you use oil based clay when your happy with your sculpt and ready to smooth it out use a small amout of oil ie olive oil etc on the end of your finger to smooth out your sculpt cheer
hi Tgirookie thank you very much i used hurculite 2 which is a fine dental plaster and sets stronger that plaster of paris and picks up the details better.....thank you very much
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