Demon Jason Bust with Mask


Sup Dude! Here's a project I did past summer and its still on going with some modifications.

Demon Jason Bust with Mask. The idea is basically we see what Jason looks like after he went to hell and rule the fiery depths as King of Pain and Suffering.

Sculpted the mask and bust in 2 months.



Here are the various paint ups for the Hockey mask. I made a 4 point strap system for the fiberglass hock mask. I'm gonna do a short run of these later this year. Plan to remake the latex hood a bigger size for my own head that I can just pull over and no need for zippers.

Thanks for viewing! :behave



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hey mike!
sweet to see you are on here aswell ^^

love the sculpt :D!

btw check out my batman sculpt aswell i could use some help actually!
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