Demon Halloween Speedbuild (Pic Heavy)


Hey everyone, haven't been on in a long time but I always manage to find myself on here around Halloween. So my plan was originally to cast the suit from vanquish( video game) out of epoxy resin, bought all the stuff. Then a month later my dog knocked over my 60hr full body sculpt I'd been working on since the beginning of sept. Sooo I lost my mind, quit and almost gave up on Halloween this year. Needless to say everyone was expecting a really cool costume so I caved to pressure and started sculpting a demon suit on the 9th. of this month.

I've been up most nights to make this happen but its coming along very quickly The scupt is done, the Fiberglass mold is made ( was a nightmare). Resin horns and teeth are cast already and since I don't have a giant oven and I'm making this suit in the basement of my hair salon, Im casting all the skin pieces out of liquid latex instead of foam latex then probably airbrushing or sponge painting. maybe both. I also have a plan to make some lip wires and eyebrows for the mask if I have enough time.

here are some pics so far, I have a feeling ones going to turn out sweet.
























Im about 4 coats of liquid latex in , gonna try for about 20 in total.
big project and so close to Halloween..good luck..btw your sculpt looks awesome..the muscle definition is great. That face looks creepy
Painted 10 more coats of latex into into the molds

.... getting there.. slowly.

Pulled the face out, added some resin teeth(horns are next), and some details for when the mouth opens (should move when you talk)


Tomorrow night I will try to finish the latex coats so I can pop out the body on Sunday and get to work with assembly, paint and details on this suit. Pondering lighting the eyes up, what do you guys think? is it creepier with or without?
Also, does anyone have a link to a tutorial on how to put hair into these suits? i dunno if I'll have enough time but I think it would add a lot.


Thanks SemperBourne it's my first time doing anything molding etc etc. so it's definitely a challenge :)
Sooo popped the body casts today, just seeming it together like I did the mask. LOTS to seems where my playing card wall/patience broke down, but it's just Halloween and so far this thing looks awesome so !@#* it.




12am :wacko and I Just finished all the seeming, tomorrow is assembly (snaps , vecro, boots eye lenses horns etc etc, and prepping for paint) Then its on to paintingggg WOOOP
M16, awesome details on that sculpting job bra it looks real. Ya also fast ya wasn't kidding about a speed build . I'll look forward ta seein it finished awesome skillset.
AIRBRUSHINGS half done, redoing the neck piece and putting eyes and horns on tomorrow night when the paint is done. then. its DONE!@ :D also since it wasn't done and I wanted to go out on Thursday I made a 10 minute arc reactor, died the hair and shaved the beard and went as tony stark. it was a big hit with the ladies lol ;)

WHew 5am had to get this done for tomorrows final paint. Fixed the jaw problem '4hours of frustration and a toothless suit' but it works like a charm now and opens quite wide when you want it too ;) built and Installed a proper neck and entry system. attached the horns, and did the feet(more pics later) tomorrow its time to airbrush the **** out of it, do all the details and add the eyes, then its out on the town. :) I will have final pics up by tomorrow evening . cheers guys.

@M16 this has been th' fastest sculpt, mold , cast , and paint project I've seen on this forum so far th' finished product should be awesome bra. I'm lovin'it.
Thanks everyone. this went off with out a hitch tonight, pics should be up tomorrow. won roughly 1400$ At a few different costume contest. total cost of the suit was only $350 and about 40 hours soooo ... EPIC WIN!!!
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