Demolition Man Taco Bell Container


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Interesting looking bottle. Is that molded text up near the lid? If there was a better shot (BD?), it might be easier to identify as it looks like one of those protein powder bottles.

If you have seen the R4 DVD of this film, you can also add a Pizza Hut logo and still be "screen accurate". All except one of Taco Bell logos (which can be seen on a door) had been replaced with Pizza Hutt for the R4 DVD release. Why Warner did this is anyone's guess as the previous VHS release had Taco Bell. The dialogue was also changed (with ADR) and no longer made sense in reference to spicy food being illegal.

Logan Cade

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It's damn close to Bel-Art products but still not right....and I can't find any colored lids.

The Pizza Hut version of the movie comes in higher resolution, but I still can't make out the wording on that ridge towards the top.
Pizza Hut Bottle.png


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Looks like some sort of lab jar or lab container. I've checked some resources here at work and haven't found anything... yet.


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I would suggest hitting and doing a search. They carry hundreds of bottles. Plastic, glass, you name it, and I would not doubt they would have some kind of lab bottle like this. It looks a lot like lab bottle I used to design graphics for. I think Dynalon was the company.

Hope that helps.


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I tried to locate some contact info of someone that worked in the art department on the film with no luck. But, that might be another route you can try. You might have better luck.