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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by SonOfPumpkinhead, Apr 17, 2006.

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    I posted this over at BOTB and was reminded about this board. I have just copy and pasted the body of the message. Any help would be appreciated.

    "Hey bros,
    I'm doing a film project for my Sci Fi class. I was thinking about doing a "Scary Movie" type deal with Sci Fi movies and was wondering if there was anyone in the Chatsworth CA area that had a delorean souped up like the time machine. If so or if anyone here knows someone who does, would it be possible to get an email

    I know that this is a long shot and that is hightened by the fact that I need to know within about a week but I figured it was at least worth asking. Thanks everyone."


    I really just need to know if this is possible to get this project off of the ground but as always in this hobby, time is of the essence. Thanks.
  2. Gigatron

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    I know this really doesn't help much, but for a spoof movie, I would use a spoof car. Something like a mid 80's toyota tercel or chevy corsica - y'know, a car that could barely get up to 88 MPH on a good day.

    Just get the the time machine parts (at least the most recognizable ones) and tape them to the car.

    Just a thought (from a fan of the Scary Movie series).

  3. SonOfPumpkinhead

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    That's a cool idea. Personally for the part in the film a real DeLorean would be better but if I can't find one that helps a lot. Does anyone know of someone who has built one or something close?
  4. propsculptor

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    How about a Time Machine Delorean Go-Cart?

    That would be Funny, especially if it was Man-Powered and they had to Peddle the vehicle to the right speed.
    (They would probably have to go downhill to even get close to 88 MPH)
  5. odoc

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    doc browns bicycle time machine from teh universal studios theme park :thumbsup

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