DeLorean time machine conversion questions

Theron Leginas

New Member
So, I'm thinking about selling my 1980 Trans Am to start up a fund to get a DeLorean time machine, possibly. I'm planning on saving up for two-three years, financing the rest, and getting it. I work on the railroad so I have no problems financing it (I just don't have 10 years to save up haha)

I'm asking who offers time machine conversions, who's the best, and who can do it for ~$60,000, +/- $5,000 or so.. I've looked up some conversion groups but I figured I should ask the community who the go-to guy is for my budget. I'm not going for 100% screen accuracy (the scandal!) but it definitely has to pass, have light up flux coils, interior props with lights, sound effects, etc. And I'm looking for the Back to the Future 1 plutonium-reactor car, not the Mr. Fusion.

My other idea is if the time machine is definitely out of my reach, I'll just go with my other option of getting a 1974 Dodge Monaco 440 Bluesmobile. But, in my heart I know I'd love a Time Machine better.
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