Delorean Papercraft model from BTTF 20th Anniversary Box


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Hi everybody,
some time ago, I found a limited BTTF 20th Anniversary Box exclusivly sold in Japan (at least that was said within the auction).
The boy was said to consist of four DVDs, Kubricks of the Delorean, Marty and Doc, postcards, a booklet, letters, a license plate, AND, and that's the reason why I'm posting this here, a papercraft-model of the Delorean.

I don't know if this question is even "allowed" here (because of recasting and so on), but does someone here has this box, and if so, could this person provide scans of this model?
I was looking for it on the internet, but didn't find it


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if we can find hd pics of the original delorean, i can create a skin, so its going to look better
just an idea


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the boxset is available on amazon japan
nearest thing I could find were these

If you wanna build a really perfect DeLorean model, use the attached files!


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