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OK, I have enough to start a print run. At the moment, I'm borderline between ordering 1 or 2 cartridges of resin, depending on a couple pending replies... it's kind of borderline right now, but we'll see if anyone else wants something to justify another cartridge.
1st cartridge is filling up fast (and has been ordered). Once it's full, I'll need a certain minimum to order another. One I start printing, there's a set time limit I'll have to print before I'm back to square one.
OK, looks like printing might start over the weekend. At that time I'll start filling out with the stuff I need if no one else wants anything printed.
I wanted to give a shout out to Joatrash. I just received the Blade Runner 2049 K blaster kit and I have to say, if you are on the fence about any of his kits jump off and buy. The intricate detail on these parts is beyond amazing. They look like they were cast. The amount of cleanup is VERY minimal, by far much less than other kits I have seen available. This kit is a work of art an is well worth the money :love:

Thank you for making this kit available again Joatrash (y) Oh almost forgot, Joatrash is also an awesome person to deal with!! He is a true credit to the RPF.

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