DEFINITIVE Harry Potter costume?


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So I want to make a costume, of Harry, that will always be recognizable at cons. I had thought about his Final battle look, but street clothes tend to blend in to a crowd. So what do ya think? What "look" of his would be instantly recognized as Harry?

I had thought about Ripped bloody Chamber of secrets Harry, since I have the sword, but I'm 25 and don't want to look like I'm desperately hanging on to youth.


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well Harry is most recognizable due to the hair, scar and glasses. If you don't have green eyes I would say bright green contacts would also help. With those things in place and a wand I don't think it would matter what clothes you wore, people would know you were Harry Potter.

Otherwise all of those things above and his school uniform. But if you don't want to do any of the uniforms or quidditch stuff but just want street clothes........then I am unsure lol. I never really paid attention to his normal clothes.


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I'd think the quidditch costume is probably most striking and noticeable. You might be able to do something with the Triwizards uniform he wore against the dragon.


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Here's what I wore to the premier:

And here I am with The Voldemort we did:


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If you're going for street clothes, the final battle sticks out to me as well as the outfit from POA. Which, I guess, is kind of similar to DH.
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