Defined Green Lantern Comic Rings


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Finished THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR. On to SECRET ORIGIN and the various GLC issues from that period.

Yeah, Ivan Reis definitely drew the rings as simple signet rings, with no disc. I'm tempted to model them, but his version of the symbol doesn't seem to have an official/trademarked design. He just riffed on the existing REBIRTH symbol, with his versions of the rings featuring a more dimensional take on his symbol design.

My going with the Van Sciver design for this era seems to be the most logical route, especially since A) DC based their collectible ring replicas on it; B) I find it more aesthetically-pleasing that the simpler Reis version.
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Playing around with the V2. Made the symbol-piece exactly 1” (25.4mm) long, and slightly adjusted the width of the band.



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…and, since I reworked the V2, I decided to go back to the V3. Having now had more modeling experience, and since Shapr3D has added some new tools, I’ve now worked out how to subtly adjust the proportions of the model without putting in tons of work.

Here we have the new V2 (left), and two variants of the V3. The size of the symbols and gems on both the V2 and V3s are identical. The height of the faces of both V3s (from finger-hole to symbol/face) is 4mm. The left V3 has a thinner band, akin to some of the Mike Grell art. The right V3 is obviously thicker—probably too thick to be comfortable. It’s a tricky balance in terms of the height of the face and the thickness of the band. Tweaks to either result in either a squat or a tall and skinny appearance. The comic art reference can go either way. As noted in the past, the 2011 movie ring has a VERY tall face, which I’m not so fond of. I’m trying to find that sweet spot—not too thin, not too thick.



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So, this is a ring I had made by Geek dot Jewelry.

Yeah, I am sorta showing off, but this ring is my fave style Green Lantern ring. And it is silver, if you drop it, it might break your toe.


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After the latest round of tinkering with the V2 and V3, I’ve finally gotten around to playing with Shapr3D’s “Visualize” tool, which simulates different materials and finishes. I think this will help with getting the overall look right.

Here are Anodized Metal in glossy (top) and matte (bottom). The gems are Translucent Glass (thick).

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Tweaking the outer ring/flange surrounding the symbol on the REBIRTH design. The official version of that symbol has a very thin outer ring/circle, which would be far too thin to translate into a real ring, so I’d previously thickened it up a bit. That version (top) still seemed a little thin, so I decided that the magic formula would be 2/3 the thickness of the inner ring of the GL symbol itself that is sandwiched between the sidebars. The result (bottom) looks pretty close to the BLACKEST NIGHT promo rings.

I kinda like the thinner ring, but the thicker version looks good, too. Decisions, decisions.


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