Decal micro printing, matchbox Jurassic Park Jeep


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In coming to terms with not having the funds to re-imagine my 74 CJ-5 into a Jurassic Park Jeep, I'll make due for now with a matchbox jeep. Since I'm not impressed with any licensed replicas, and like most here I like to make stuff, I figure an old toy, some patience, paint, and other little bits and bobs out to make a rather fitting likeness. Although I have yet to acquire a fitting vehicle off of eBay, I'm hoping to have a better idea beforehand what I'm needing to do.

I expect taking one apart ought not be overly difficult, and airbrushing the general colour scheme doesn't feel intimidating, however I'm borderline clueless as to a best means of replicating the hood, door, and fender numbering/lettering/logo. I found one person who has done these, which looked amazing yet the decals looked a bit like home printed stickers and I'd prefer something more seamless with higher resolution.

An idea I had was to check with this other girl on Etsy who makes transfers for fingernails which may have the level of necessary detail, however I wanted to check here first since you all have more experience with various surfaces, fine details, and also know or happen to be those who may be interested in a run if a larger quantity is needed.

My apologies if I've missed something similar in a previous thread, however I did look and didn't see anything discussed close to the scale of a ~3-4mm door decal.
Also, any thoughts at all even if not related to decals would be most appreciated since I've not worked on anything like this before :)
Thank you!


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check out some places that do waterslide decals, you can get that level of detail and it wont look like stickers tacked on to the vehicle.

I have a couple matchbox jeeps I would like to do this as well, so if you get some printed up, Id be interested in getting a set or two!


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Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but I just created this Jeep. It's a TYCO HO scale slot car. The decals are done on my ALPS printer and are actually done in 2 layers. The first one is a white background, the second is the color. I also did a license plate (not visible in the pics) for the front and back. I was thinking about doing some Matchbox jeeps as well, and making different numbers. This would be the correct size for Matchbox size cars, as TYCO HO slot cars are really 1/64 scale anyways.
ALPS decals can be difficult to use and apply. I have sold decals in the past but I don't do that anymore because they can be easily damaged. The resin printing can be rubbed off with a fingernail, so you have to use extreme care when applying. Anyways, hope you get yours done.
The decal lettering is 7mm wide.


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