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Ok, so I have a Deathstroke cosplay that I am trying to make. However, I am unable to accurately decide where to actually color the parts of my armor orange. Mostly the knee armor and the body armor are where I need help, and I was wondering if anybody could even poorly photoshop or somehow add to the photo at this link:

To show what parts I should paint orange? I don't actually have the part yet but I wanna see if this would even be a good body armor set. If there is already a tutorial, like a full tutorial on how to make a Deathstroke costume, please point me to it, as I am kind of a noob :/ thank you :)


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Hi Antrov!

You're looking for a tutorial to make a costume, yet there's no one way to make any costume, especially for a character like Deathstroke that has gone through so many different versions (Arrow, Arkham Origins, Young Justice, Son of Batman, etc.).

Now, my guess is you're going for a more armored look given those knee pads you linked to, so if I were you I would look up images of Deathstroke from Batman: Arkham Origins and Arrow to see which version you like better. Then just paint the knee pads (if necessary) to look like the ones from the source material.

Or, the possibly-even-more-fun option: make your own version! I've seen guys do entirely black outfits, leaving only the head covering black and orange and the orange REALLY stands out. Then I've seen guys do outfits where everything was either navy, black, or orange, and their individual detailing made them unique. Those knee pads could be painted SO many different ways, it really just depends on the look you're going for, and no one here with photoshop can know that better than you.

Something I've done in the past with things like this: print out the picture of the knee pad, put a piece of paper over it, and trace it out. Do that on a few different sheets. Then just grab some colored pencils and experiment a bit with different colorings. You'll come up with exactly what you are looking for, rather than just seeing what other people come up with and saying "yay" or "nay." It will be WAY more fulfilling, probably faster, and you'll be just as happy with the result.
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