Deathstroke Cosplay


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I want to make a Deathstroke cosplay like this, 3259474.jpg ,but I am a newbie to the cosplay world and was wondering if you all had any advice?
Thanks bunches!


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there's nothing anyone can tell you that you can't learn here with time and investment


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I thought people actually came to the RPF to win time & minimize investment... I'm saying this because I'm also somewhat of a newbie and it can be hard to find good pieces right away. I appreciate the "go the distance" attitude but I find it counter productive to always draw that card by default when people ask something.

Anyway, I wish you lots of good luck with this costume and I hope you still get the help you require! I don't have any experience with Deathstroke, unfortunately!

Alot of the stuff in the photo can be made by a good sewing shop with orange fabric and leather, though. The mask you should be able to get here somewhere by searching the forum (there are a few Deathstrokes around here).


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20150509_202442.jpgI am also new to cosplay. I am also working on a deathstroke costume. All I've done is research on youtube to see how other people start their projects and their steps. I have a couple of pieces already done for the deathstroke but not to happy with them so I am probably going to start over. I'll post the pics and let me know what you guys think.