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So I need advice on what to build a 7 foot tall scythe out of.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated I just don't know how to make the curve if made out of wood.

Reference Pic.
Here's a quick primer on bending wood. You might like to read the part about building a steam box out of 2" i.d. PVC pipe, as it's relevant to your project.

That's the hard way. The easy way would be to get two 3' lengths of 1" PVC, heat them gently, bend them both into a lazy C shape and connect them with a T coupling (and put your scythe handle in the remaining socket). The result won't be as durable or beautiful as a bent wooden shaft, and it'll require more finishing to look like wood, but it will be lighter, should cost a lot less to do and take a lot less time to build.

The PVC solution might also help to keep you out of trouble, depending on where you plan to take this thing. It's going to be hard for anyone to argue that you might use the prop as a weapon, because one solid strike against a hard surface is probably going to collapse it at the joint.
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