DeathProof's ROTJ Boba Fett


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Beautiful costume top notch ill be at fan expo aswell. ill be there in my jango costume and my cousin in bossk attire, anyway sweet boba costume see ya there.


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I always say that ESB is by far my favorite...

Until I see an ROTJ done on this level...

Holy wow man. Top TOP finishing work.

Soo often people get the flightsuit color wrong... Let alone the weathering.

You knocked this out of the park!


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Wow ... I can hear Jabba's band playing in the background . . . outstanding costume :)

Thanks for adding that 'Emergency Kit'-list, that's always good to have when trooping!



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Thanks so much guys. It means a lot!

It was definitely a tough decision between ESB and ROTJ. ESB is definitely my favourite movie...but there was always something about his suit in ROTJ that stood out for me. Definitely the weathering that added the whole mystery of where he has been since ESB. That first promo pic was what really got me. Something about his could almost feel it through that black visor.

Thanks again for looking. If there are any questions about it I'm more than happy to help.

matty matt

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This is how it's done. Attention to detail is key with a Fett and Aaron knocked it out of the park. I really can't stress enough how great this came out. This is Boba Fett stepped right out of the movie.
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