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Hello, I´m spanish and I have discovered this forum seeking help for my diorama.

I have been encouraged to put the pictures of what I am doing. First of all, to say that I am not an expert nor do I have many skills, all I have is patience and determination.

My model is far from being a replica and it is not perfect.

I have been doing it for 3 years (and some more that he has left XD), more than 8,000 pieces made with plasticard and cut by hand, other duplicates in resin (it is the first time I use resin and silicone mold, it has been hard to get a decent piece after many attempts) and yet they are not perfect, but well, is the first time I build something in scrath also (If you have never done something, If you have never done something, why not start with something super complicated and big? XD.

Of course the work is still ongoing. when I finish the tower I have to build 3 X-wing and 2 Tie fighters that would go in the diorama. I would like to light the ships with LEDs, the cockpit and engines, It will also be the first time I use LEDs ... of course!

Well, I don't bore you more with my stuff, here are some pictures of the ones I'm doing:






Hey, I have that same old exacto knife somewhere! Does that mean I can build something as cool as your build?! I think not :eek:

Love it, I can´t wait to see it finished!
Thanks Krest, there is also some of spirit of the Slave I from MPC too

Jajaj, DaddyfromNaboo, Sure!! If I can do it, anyone can, believe me, you just have to feel like doing it

I also want to see her finished already, imagine after three years .. but I'm afraid he still has a lot left :/. Now I´m stuck with the cannon parts ,
if I don't get the pieces I will have to make them ... make those pieces will be a nightmare

Painting this thing will be a tough task too.
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thanks to everyone!. I hope post more images soon.

Somerset, yes is huge, here is my hand in a tower section


I will try to take a picture to better appreciate he scale

What really remains is to add some more details to the base and finish some pieces of the turret. Waiting for me to get something to do the guns. The damn cannons!!XD
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Hey Wulfenray, have you ever tried moulding/casting parts? If so, I got news for you: I just bought a Revell MIG 21 1/32 scale on ebay (relatively cheap) and I would like you to have it. All you would have to do is figure out how to copy the engine so you have 2. I'll get it toch with you once the MIG arrives.
Krest!. oh my God really?!! That's very kind from you, but if you bought it, is because you want it , or it would be just the engine part that you are not going to use ?

I have made resin copies for my model, but they have only been one sided, not whole pieces



but I will investigate how to do this piece, and be sure that I will do it, no matter how much work

Thank you very much!!:), the only model I've seen on ebay is from Germany and it costs 80 euros (88 Dolars)
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Krest!. oh my God really?!! That's very kind from you, but if you bought it, is because you want it , or it would be just the engine part that you are not going to use ?

No, I bought it so you can finish your turret. I missed out on joining the secret Santa Thread, so just regard this as my conrtibution. ;)

I guess you could cast it in halves as well - you'll figure it out.

Have a nice evening.
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Thanks you acesh007 and moffeaton!!

I'm glad my work inspires you to keep going with yours. I think that's the most beautiful thing you can say about the work of others.
The work of Tony Austin inspired me to build mine!. Here is a link to his work:

Starship Modeler - Scratchbuilt Deathstar Turbolaser Tower Diorama

Actually I have 3 Bandai´s 1/48 X-Wing and 2 Revell 1/48 Tie Figthers waiting to finish the diorama :D

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