Death Star Trench


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I got the Death Star Attack Set from bandai but i think it is to small.
So i started printing some more tiles and make copies of them with silicon-forms and resin.
Here the printed parts.

copy them


and i also start making some more details and greeblies for my death star
This is a project I'll be starting in the new year and I was thinking of going the same route: printing a master and then resin casting copies.

I'm still in the research phase and was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions. First, where did you get the towers from? Are they in Israel's 3D files?

Second, what is that greebly pack you all recognize... and are there others like it?

Third, if I have a service 3D build the masters for me, is there one that offers a higher resolution / better accuracy than others? Any recommendations?

Many thanks.

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