Death Star surface color?


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Light gray, dark gray, other?

I am trying to paint my x-wing base DS tiles and dont have a good idea on the shade to use. Anybody?


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Yeah I think Rob just used Tamiya Primer on the ds. That's what I used on my tiles. Looks spot on to the filming models. How's that display coming along?



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ok cool. I primed the base with rustoleum automotive primer. It is a nice light gray but was wondering if I should shoot it with a proper light gray.

Display is coming along! Things are in pieces right now until I can paint. I have the base and the electronics parted out. I am just waiting to marry them together so I can take some more progress pics.


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I have a death star base under my SS X-Wing. I painted the whole base flat black first. Then I gave it a heavy dusting of grey primer. After that was dry I gave it another very light dusting of a lighter shade of grey. Finally I dusted the whole base, from one direction only, the front, with flat white. This gave me nice depth to the recesses and a light grey overall.
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